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Garage Doors with Woodgrain Finish

Electric Roller Garage Doors

Bluebell's remote controlled garage doors with their smooth, easy glide roller mechanism provide a secure and impressive entrance to your garage space, and with a range of security devices and optional extras as well as a wide choice of available paint finishes, can be customised to suit your individual requirements.

Space Saving Design

Woodgrain Finish Door Garage Door Interior

Needing only 30cm x 30cm of required headroom, our roller garage doors take up little space and can be externally fitted if required. Vertical opening and closing also allows you to park your car close to the door and a compact 20cm x 20cm version is available for where there is limited headroom and sideroom.

White Roller Door Woodgrain Finish Detail

You can also choose from a wide selection of durable high quality powder coated, laminated, silk laminated and woodgrain finishes, allowing you to match your roller garage door to the exact colour scheme of your home's existing windows and doors, with the option of an anti-graffiti protective coating.

Features  Specification and Options

Our electric roller garage doors are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and come complete with a range of operational and security features, together with a choice of optional extras and colour finishes.

Standard Features

•  Curtains are finished in white or brown as standard
•  Shutters are manufactured from aluminium, preventing corrosion
•  19mm thick thermally insulated curtain for increased warmth and noise reduction
•  Shutters are an impressive 7kg/m2 for greater strength when closed
•  Easy glide roller feeds the curtain straight into the tracks, reducing wear and scuffing
•  Powered by high quality tube motor with manual overdrive

Security Devices

•  Built-in auto lock; when the door is closed a spring clamp holds the door down tight
•  Photocell safety beam for cleared door closure, with safety brake
•  Supplied with 2 remote controls

Optional Extras

•  Safety edge ensures that when there is an obstruction the door will auto reverse
•  Courtesy light to illuminate garage when the door is open
•  Boxed enclosure for roller door curtain
•  Keypad access eliminates the need to carry hand transmitters
•  Alarm for forced entry
•  Battery backup for when there is mains power failure
•  Safety grid and through wall drive for improved security
•  Choice of laminated and woodgrain finishes with a 10 year warranty
•  Anti-graffiti protective coating
•  Laminated or powder coated side guides

All electric roller garage doors are covered by a 5 year warranty as standard.

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